Comes in Tamil Hollywood film “Total Recall” in about 900 Crore

Total Recall” this film was released in 1990 and showed / ran successfully. This name of the film has arranged again as a new film. This film has produced with modern technology with 900 Crore cost.

This is imaginary story about what will happen in future. The story has formed what is going to place in 2084.The Earth created great destruction after war and the Earth divides into 2 parts. Who is stronger to it countries are fighting. One labourer is working in this Political background as Daglas kuvayd factory and future expected events are included in this story.

Kalin Beral has acted in Nayakan character, he comes with normal man and later became a magic man. The greatest actors Friyan Kransdan, Kerd bekinsel, Bill Nighty and Janjo also has acted in this film.

Len Waisman has directed first shooting in 2011 May and completed in Last September. This comes with knowledgeable, magic and circus with action film. Colombia pictures are released this film in 90 countries. This film is released in  Tamil August 3.


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