Case filed to Sharukkan to insult National Flag

National Secretary of Loak JanaSakthy party Ravi Biramme Buna filed case near by Sathushrinki divisional police station. In his complaint, he mentioned details are given below.

In “You Tube” web site, one video show or side is released, in that slide actor Sharukkan insulted national flag, this incident has included in it. So, severe action must be taken against it.

He had indicated in it. He attached complaint with video evidence .By in this basis case was filed in Sathushrinki divisional police station against Sharukkan. Later this case transferred to Mumbai. Mumbai police investigate about it.

Before this Mumbai model beauty was found with Bikini dress of national flag. Biramme filed case against her. After this incident last 18th that model beauty was arrested and next day she released in bail.


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