Bally wood interest is spread toward South Indian Actresses

Mumbai North Indian actress dominations happen in South Indian cinema field. What is Bally wood actress’s current position now? we’ll analysis it deeply.

Famous Holly wood actress Ashin and Surya join together and acted in “Kajini”film. It went to Hindi film. Director A.R.Murukadas elected Amirkan instead of Surya and actress is Ashin again. This film was super hit. So, Holly wood gave bitter and ballywood gave sweetness .

After that she acted with Salman kan in “London Dreams” ran normally. Again she acted with him in “Ready” and “Houseful 2 ” also was hit.

She provided some hit films but no bod didn’t consider her. She is also telling that her self. “I am a hit film actress” If other actress see her ,bally wood  actress treats her some thing looks like a commedy piece. Will she know it?


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