A.R.Rahuman sang in Thanush film

A.R. Rahuman will agree to direct music rarely and his songs also rarely. We say about A.R.Rahuman  small children will also know about it.

He rounded in the world and plan to confuse in indoor cities. A.R.Rahuman has thought to satisfy an Amainchekarai  fan. By it he has done music to these 3 films in same time   in Kadal, I, Mariyan . Yokan and crime Ananth are also waiting.

Barath Bala has directed  Vanthe Matharam album in Rahuman’s Mariyaan” films. Thanush is hero and Barwathy Menan is heroine. Rahuman has sung  for Thanush “Vizhithezhu Nenche” . A.R.Rahuman’s  All the songs will cold our ears and gave happiness to our mind. Will this song fail what?


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