Actors & Actresses ask money to participate in college functions

Thamil Nadu Hindu Maha Saba president Kodampakkam Sri’s released reports. What are there? Have we looked at it?

Hindu religion has got several traditional proud nesses. We have done a lot of public services for Hindus. Students invited Actor Barath as a special guest in Kayithe Millath College. But Barath asked 500,000Rs to participate there. We shocked by it.
I contact telephone with  Barath and told him that students of viewers helped  you to go to top of the ladder, by it .May I ask money from college students to participate to college functions? When I asked in this way he switches off the phone connection.

After we invited Sineka there also was given this type of response then we invited many actors they also asked money. People must be known about actors. So, youths must be functioned with awareness without careless. 


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