Yesteryear Bollywood superstar Rajesh Khanna

Hindi Actor Rajes kanna was effected by unhealthy or severe illness. Last month 23rd June,his health condition was very poor.
So,he was admitted at Neelawathy hospital in Mumbai, After severe treatment, he had returned to home on last 8th July .

Today, suddenly noon his health condition was very very poor suddenly, after few minutes he passed away. His age is 69. He married actress Dimble Kabadiya. They have got two daughters. 

They are Dwinkle Kanna, Tinkey Kanna.

He was famed or named in Hindi film History in 1980. He was called that "First Super Star" in Hindi film history.

His films "Ananth and Aarathana brought huge success. Barathy Raja also directed "Sivappu Roja" in Tamil in the same time he directed "Red Rose" in Hindi . In Red Rose, Rajes kanna acted then. He has obtained "Best Actor" Award in Several times.

Totally he acted 163 films. Rajes Kanna involved in Poltics since 1992 upto 1996.


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