Super Hero Film “Mugamoodi” will be released on Aug-31 for people

Tamil Super Hero Film “Mugamoodi” films music releasing function which placed at “Sathiyam Cinema Theatre” today by UDV Motion Pictures (Films) direction. In this event, Director Miskin, Kannada Actor Punith Rajahkumar and Actress Pooja Hekde also have participated. This Audio CD wasreleased by both Vijay and Punith Rajah Kumar. Director Miskin writes and directs this film Mugamoodi .

Jeeva acts as a super Hero. Naren, Pooja Hekde and Nasar are acted in major characters in this film. Sathiya telecasts it. K gives music directions to Mathan Harki’s verses of songs. There are 3 Mas and Theem Songs placed in this Album.

Major parts of film shooting were placed both Chennai and Europe. Jeeva and Naren are learning kungpoo training to this film. Experts of Hang Hang came to Chennai and gave them special training.

Hang Hang Dress Decoration Technicians have designed super Hero costume to Actor Jeeva . This is the first film to Mishkin and Jeeva to join and act. So, expectations are increased. They are going to release it on 31st Aug all around the world.


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