Sooriya acted in attached double birth character

Sooriya acted  attached double birth character in "Matran".  Actress Kajal Akaakaval has acted as heroine. K.V. Ananth directs it.  Film shooting is over and release arrangements are going on now. A.G.S Entertainment has produced it.K.V. Ananth says...
Sooriya has acted in both Aliyan and Vimalan character.We may see two different Sooriyas in this film. One Sooriya is acted who likes to study as "Thirukkural" and same varieties of books. Other Sooriya has acted jolly type character and he goes to bar and club.

French Stanard Artists have taken major role in fighting Scene. Advance type technology are used to this film.Important social problem will be in this film. Affection, Love, Circus and  comedy are here. 

3 trailers are made for Matran Film. Sooriya has acted again and again 5000 times. He has acted with severe difficulties. Some scenes are satisfaction to him so he acted again.

Some romours are spread that he is going to direct film with Rajini and he has rejected it and he has no plan now. He said that I have to prepare alot of it before  .


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