Sivaji is no more........"Nadikar Thilakam" Sivaji Ganeshan's 11th Memorial Remembrance day

Sivaji is no more but he is everlasting and as a great artist in people's mind.

Today is "Nadikar Thilakam" Sivaji Ganeshan's 11th Memorial Remembrance day (2012-july-21)

When we search or look for world history ,several historical heroes, reformists, in-carnationists and genius have appeared and after disappeared. They had dazzled or shone in different chapters. such as politics,science, Social volunteerism, national volunteerism, education and arts.

Actor Great Genius Sivaji Ganeshan was an important and remarkable person in them in artistic field. He had appeared in Tamil Nadu, His fame has spread all Tamil of Tamil Nadu, Tamil who dwells in other regional lands of India, Why? all around the world wide Tamil dwellers and all Indians. He shines to obtain proud that all are interested in Arts of  Tamil, Expressing cultures, Indian freedom war leaders, historical Heroes,  Heroes of Epics(Purana and Ithikasha) by arranging designs, with his very excellent acting, by giving treas to our eyes, prepare lessons to meanings, Sivaji became a great king maker in Acting field with the fullest support of God's grace of Arts.

When he was born and doing artistic duty, in that time, artistic service(duty) ,It was great party to triple Tamil linguistics.His films had given vast subjects to his same age companions,After next generations. His skillful films give great feelings of modern and current life parts, as a lecturing text books.He was born a son to freedom war Hero of Vizhupuram Sinnaiah Manrayar, Rajaamani Ammaiyar on 1st October 1928. in his young stage he surrounded by a lot of grievances, finally he was attracted by a cinema company in acting field. Then he had joined to act in several drama companies and obtained world wise experience. Later he reflected in those experiences in his films. He was V.C.Ganeshan when he before entered for acting film in characters he obtained another famous name "Sivaji Ganeshan" in Veera Sivaji's drama.

The greatest father "Periyar" gave a good to him "Sivaji Ganeshan" this name will attach with his real life as his own name in future.

Yes, Sivaji Ganeshan name was given by "Periyar" after his admiration.

His both film and marriage life began in 1952 all  together. Kalainger's several pages sentence scripts are spoken by Sivaji with fullest emotion. In his first film in "Parasakthy". This film was praised by all of the audience with great shock. This film was staged both India and Srilanka same time above more than 200days. Finally It brought or obtained great victim. Who acted in singing with own voicea nd acting them selves. These methods were welcomed in Purana,Ithikasha in state characters.

But, It turned towards desending wise after "Parasakthy's release." People began to enjoy with emotional speeches from Sivaji's real voice. Simma Kuralon's victims continuously without any default. But, at the beginning time of stage, he runs, sings, acts with loving not only younger heroes, but also he gave preferences to story, He can act in several and different types of films, as a young father, cunning types of hero without any expectation of self honour, he acted as an enemies or villans his skilful acting.

His special is when he acts with others and he was confirmed without destuctive good names of actors or actresses who has joined to act with him. He gave priority o good story. He never likes to destroy other names by it. So they gave gave the fullest supports to obtain great victims to him or his gang. As like he treated same to all actress or Heroines in those films.

In his victorious journey , without songs of the good film "Antha Nal"  won great achievement. His most of the films were released and obtained great success in several times. In the lack of technological support or knowledge in those days, in 1964. He acted in 9 characters differently  in "Navaraththiri"  film. This film was extra ordinary talent of Sivaji. It gave great shock to all the audiences.

To his great achievement, many Directors, Music Directors, Film Producers, Heroines , background music Artists, poets, Song composers, and equal level actors, hism usic song was suited to T.M.Sawnthara Raja's Golden voice, Kannadasan's songs, G.Ramanahan, K.V.Mahadevan, M.S.Visvanathan's music directions, in large numbersof  films by acting Pathmini's participations , involvements and corporations with Sivaji are remarkable hings in "Navaraththiri'' ilm.

This film staged more than above 100 days, particularly 175 days (Velli Vizha) are on staged this film. This deed brought an unremarkable and extra ordinary talents of them. This film staged both India and Srilanka.

All the intelligent persons totally agree that Tamil cinema has developed by Sivaji. In Keyro Film Festival "Veera Pandiya Kadda Pomman" Specialty of America, in "Nayakara towns one day Major, honor, in Askaar Awarding selection " Theiva Thiru Makan" placed " Sevaliyar" Award of France, and a lot of foreign appreciations and awards were provided to Sivaji.

But, his characters, Acting with boldness never leave from good audiences mind. hat is realistic truth.We remember that if we want to do his remembrance memorial ceremony It will happen by watching his many, good, super films when we are free in our leisure-time activities.


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