Naan Ee movie review

      Naan ee create lot of expectations among audience because S S Rajamouli, the pride of Telugu cinema, has touched upon a fantasy theme for his first straight Tamil venture. Trailers were awesome. Finally the output came on May. The story line is about reincarnation and revenge. A man reincarnating as a house fly and revenging his murderer.

          Rajamouli touch every aspect of a commercial film as well as romance, comedy, emotion and revenge. He is well known for fantasy and mega films. Making is very different and it makes difference.
Story is simple Bindhu (Samantha) is a kind hearted social worker, Nani is a next-door boy. Nani’s funny activities make Bidhu fall for him. But she didn’t show it out and hide her heart. Other side Sudeep is a cruel businessman. Use many tactics to win others including women.he met Bindhu and try to lure her but Nani is a barrier for him. So he killed Nani and makes this happen as an accident. Then Sudeep try hard to lure Bindhu. But Nani gets a re-birth as a house-fly and tries to take revenge on Sudeep. Fly makes lot of troubles to Sudeep. Bindhu joins with fly to revenge Sudeep. Rest of the movie is how Bindhu and fly take revenge on Sudeep.
The director has got the best out of the cast including Nani, Samantha and Kannada star Sudeep. In fact Sudeep takes a major chunk of the honors.He steals the show with his power packed performance. Nani gets a small role and handles it well.
Coming to the main part, the visual effects, one can rightly call it marvelous! A brilliant attempt well transformed by a team. The house-fly has been perfectly recreated. The special effects have set a benchmark in Tamil cinema.

G. Jenny  


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