Kuspoo is Heroine to Amirthabachchan.......

Kuspoo is Heroine to Amirthabachchan in Bally wood

Tamil actress kuspoo acts as a life partner with Amirtha bachchan in a Hindi film.

Kuspoo is important actress in Tamil cinema field, now she is participating with "T.M.K" in political awareness meeting. She participates in T.V events.

She acts only for good opportunity. She has also involved her husband's film direction.

After long time, Kuspoo has agreed to act in Hindi film in "Mad Dad" with Amirtha Bachchan as a life partner.

This chance with Amirth Bachchan, It gives great pleasure to her.

I am a severe fan of Amirthap and I'll see his film without missing. Now, this chance has given to top of the happiness now when I act with Amirtha Bachchan.


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