Jaya t.v gave a big amount to release Kochchadaiyan telecast ownership right

Superstar Rajani's Kochchadaiyan films of T.v right provide to ruling or Governing party to Jaya t.v.
This message has informed by film producers Earasa and media on Global Companies. Including Rajani, Theepika, Sarathkumar and a lot of hang of film artists act in this 3D film Kochchadaiyan. Big t.v channels showed their interest to buy this film of ownership. Any how Jaya t.v buys this right in this time. Jaya t.v gave a very big amount to this film. Any body didn't give this amount in Tamil cinema field or Indian film history

G.Soni and Jemini t.vs are fighting for Hindi and Thelungu telecast right . This film is going to release during Super star Rajani's birth day on 12-12-2012


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