James Kemaroon directs the next part of Avathar's Film

The super Dooper hit film "Avathar" is directed by Director James Kemaroon. "Avathar" is pandoora Zodiac people and between human's fight with one line story of this film.Flying mountains,pandoora's wonderful humen, 3 D and Digitel Technologies, Structure of Visualization, Art direction and computer Graphics with large scale.

He is going to take this film soon next to great success in the world wide. He is going to take2nd and 3rd parts of this film. He has directed super hit film already "Taitanic and Derminator verses alliance with mega hit.

When we asked from Kemaroon about Avathar's next parts 2nd,3rd and 4th also are going to take by him. He needn't to write this script separately. Avathar's land of the films are enough . He may direct it from this film. It has a lot of information about it.


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