Jaffna Tamil Short Film "December 3" Coming Soon..

For the first time from Jaffna using Maya, 3d technology as an experimental way and produce a short film called December 3. Story line of this short film is taking place in the post war situation where a girl lost her two legs and facing difficulties to bring up her life with her father. Short film convey the inner feelings of that girl and her father’s feelings and also shows a tender love between the girl and a boy who working as a driver in a mine disposal organization.

Director used a robot to dispose the mine. This is actually a first attempt and a new dimension in short film making. The Maya and the 3d technology used to making the scenes of robot in the short film.
This film become as a precursor for the upcoming projects like short films, music albums and films using Maya, 3d technology from Jaffna.
Editing part and the visual effects of December-3 is taken place in "Maya Dot Vfx" which is established in Jaffna for the first time to perform Maya and 3d technology.
This film was produced by Saththiya Mendis. Editing and CG works were done by Mr. S.T Sivanesan who is the head of "MAYA dot VFX". Music direction was done by Isaipiriyan. Thashika and kabilan were acted in the main role and many artists were acted in this short film.

Jaffna Short Film " Desember 3"Official Trailer HQ [1080p]


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