Jaffna tamil short film "Barathee"

 Film title is “Bharathee”. This is a story related with “feminism”. This film story about an innocent lady who relieve from patriarchal society.  Bharathee is the main character in my story. And there are some sub characters such as Kannan, Leelavathy, Peon, and lily

                                     Bharathee is a family woman.  There are Bharathee, her husband Kannan, and her Mather in low in her family. Although Barathee behave as a good wife and a good daughter in low, her husband and her mother in low don’t treat her in a good manner and give touchier to her. Mother in low treats her as a servant and imposes whole domestic work on her. Her husband treats her as slave. Always, he beats her by asking dowry. As she was a destitute before her marriage she couldn’t give dowry to him. Because she didn’t give dowry Kannan decides to marry another rich lady. Therefore he chases Barathy from his house. Barathy come out from home lonely.
When she is going on the road on crying, she meets an accident with a three-wheeler. Then she fall down at ones. A lady who come in the three -wheeler, bring Bharathee to her home. After she hears the Bharathee’s sad story she console and give the courage and confidence to bharathee to be alone and achieve. She motive and persuade barathee to achieve a high position in life. Then step by step barathee improve her. Finally she becomes a managing director in a company.
                                              Then a bharathee need a watch man in her company. Then a poor man comes for the interview.  As soon as barathee see him in interview she shocks, because the man who came to the interview is Kannan. As soon as Kannan see the Barathee in this high position he also shocked. He tells his sad story to Bharathee. Kannan spent his all money for his beautiful girl friend. As soon as his money has finished, the lady who Kannan decided to marry again has cheated him.  There for Kannan lose his money and happy. Then he searches a work. That’s why he came here without knowing that is Barathee’s company.
                     After Kannan finished telling his story, he apologize Bharathee and requests to come with him to live together again. Barathee tells him .I am ready to forgive you. Therefore I give a job in my company. But I’m not ready to live with you.This is the story of my short film.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XNJTHX1ovSA  Casts of short film “Barathee”  Producer . Bama Uthayakumar  Director . Ramya Uthayakumar Scriptwriter . Ramya Uthayakumar Story writer . Ramya Uthayakumar Story board . Ramya Uthayakumar Characters: . Thusgyanthy Umashanger Bame Rajini Sowkiya Vinoth Niraj Tharsanan Nishaii Shamini Cameraman Barathithasan  Editor Ramya Voice over Ramya Uthayakumar Bama uthayakumar Umashanker  Music director Mayuram (Isaipriyan)


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