Is Sarah Jane Virad Kohli's Lover ?.......................

Actress Sarah Jane Thiyas is spoken linking with Virad Kohli. Yes, Both sara Jen and Virad Kohli are lovers, but Sara Jen denies (rejects) it and she says that I didn't meet each other. Indian Cricket team ice captain is Virad Kohli. Last before some months Actress Sara Jen Thiyas and Virad Kohli met in a party. After that they became lovers and they met each other.

 In this position,  Sarah Jane  rejects this information and I didn't meet him directly. I have tired to give response to this question again and again. I didn't speak with him over the phone. I didn't meet or shake hand. When I heard this kinds of news I am angry. Virad Kohli is a best cricket player. I didn't have any relationship with him.Now, I learn to give a jeep and speak Hindi. In addition that I am going to act as a sales woman in a bar. so,I have involved training to this concept.


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