Hari's secret how to obtain continuous success......

Hari's secret---How to obtain continuous success in the cinema field

If one film won, It doesn't bear the success and weight of the film, some persons fall in liquor, or love of beautiful ladies they are their habitual actions. But, who escapes from these unwanted matters, some of them can provide great and continuous victims here. 

Hari  is one person of them in this type. If his film has a lot of criticisms but he hasn't faced any criticisms. He is perfectly (Pakka) discipline.

Begin from Thamil and upto Sinham are great duccessful films but slip only one film "Seval" 

"Sinham faces a lot of challenges but brought huge great vasool (collection) Singham -2 is also ready to come out. Hero surya and Anuska and Hansika are Heroignes to this films.

Except pragas rajah other actors and actresses act in this film. Hari directs it.

When director Hari speaks, Singham-2 is ready it's main theme rom Sinham film. Surya acts 2 different characters. Anuska acts as an entrepreneur's daughter and Hansika acts as a college student. Vivek will come in an important role in character.

Manorama has also participated in Sinham-2 film. She has recovered from illness. After her recovery, This is the first film again her. Mukes Rishi--Mumbai and one south African totally 2 Villans act here.

If story happens background of Thoothukudi, major part film shooting will place there. Top of the scene is filmed in South Africa..........


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