Hallywood Actress join with Vijay in Yohan film

Gowtham Menan takes Yohan film chapter 1 . In this film, they try to obtain one Hallywood Actress to act with Vijay. 

Gowtham Menan takes "Yohan" film 1 by using Vijay. in this fim they try to take Sruthi Hasan to join and act with Vijay.

 They negotiated already. But Gowtham Menan and Sruthi Hasan rejected it.Many audience murmured without that who is actress in this film. In this position now not Hollywood, Dollywood, and Ballywood finally they take actress from Hallywood.Music Director A.R.Rahuman directed music to this film. Director named "Yohan" to this film to bring or achieve world Record.


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