Barathy Raja Enters to Holly wood

Next to Kamal Hazan now Barathy Raja is also enter to Holly wood. He translate to Engish which film hit in Tamil film "Bommalattam".

 "Bommalattam". obtained good name from long time direction. Arjun's chracter and Nano Padokar's delivery / acting was spoken with welcome. This movie  "Bommalattam"story was the background of a director.

Barathy Raja brings this film to Holly Wood. He has elected Holly Wood actor Samuvel Jackson to Nana Padokar's character.  Barathy Raja's one friend is going to act in Arjun's character. It is produced by him self.

Barathy Raja ensures that he and "Bommalattam". has also gone to Holly Wood. It is true and I am going to remake this film. He says that his four friends who are dwelling in America and they are going to remake it.

Presently Barathy Raja's "Annakodiyum Kodiveeranum"is near the finishing point. This film is over. He is going to fly for Holly Wood. Also for English fans he is to make changesin screen play.

Currently Kamal Hazan is in Holly Wood spread.Now,as Barathy Rajafollows trail, Tamil cinema, fans are encouraged.

Both Kamal Hazan and Barathy Raja joined hands for "16 Vayathinilae, Sivappu Rojakkal and oru Kaithiyin Diary. There movies worked out wonders. It is to be considered that both are personally to Holly Wood now.


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