A Huge salary to Actor Harthik..........

A huge salary--(14 crore) to Actor Harthik

Actor Harthik has acted only six films, in it the last film, that isn't successful but today his salary has increased suddenly to 14 crore to his film.

This is equal to Vijay, Ajith and Surya. He has acted only 6 films. They are " Paruththi Veeran, Aayiraththil Oruvan, Nan Makan Alla, Paiya, Siruththai and Sakuni were acted by him. 

In them, Aayaraththil Oruvan and Sakuni had gone fax office and Paruththi Veeran had obtained classic quality. Nan Makan Alla brought a good name to him.

Siruththai is remake but good vasool (Collection or yield) Latest Sakuni is a good opening but film is not expected. It doesn't keep that opening.

Next Alex Pandiyan and Piriyani are big films in his hand.On director negotiates with to quarter seat(Kal seat) 14 crore . If he thinks possibly he can give more one crore.

Vijay, Ajith and Surya had obtained above 10 crore salary after acting in several films. It is considerable one.

There is no surprise this salary amount may be increased upto 20 crore after "Alex Pandiyan" film.


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