Tamil cine film " Mayakkam enna" film review

Mayakkam enna film review
Cast:                            Dhanush, Richa Gangopadhyay, Sunder, Pooja and others
Director:                     Selvaraghavan
Music:                         GV Prakash Kumar
Cinematographer:    Ramji
Producer:                   Gemini Film Circuit
Released on:              November 25, 2011

                                        Dhanush’s brother Selvaragavan’s movie “Mayakkam Enna” is an emotional film and it shows the different feelings of a man’s life. As usual the movie is in a different style of Selvaragavan. The current trend is not used in his movie. Selvaragavan’s script and the cast, crew also best.
                                   Story of Mayakkam enna is not a simple story but little complicated as usual style of Selvaragavan’s. Karthik (Dhanush) is a freelance photographer and he likes to be the assistant of Madesh Krishnaswamy (Ravi Prasad). Madesh Krishnaswamy is a famous wild life photographer. Karthik tries to work under Madesh Krishnaswamy but he didn’t accept him. On the other side Karthik has lot of friends and he spends the time with them. Karthik’s best friend Sundar introduces his Girl friend Yamini to his gang. From the beginning Karthik and Yamini started their relationship with fighting and later they started to fall in love. This story is about the man’s frustrated life. Rest of the story will be continued in the screen.
                                  Dhanush as usual acted in a brilliant manner and also the acting of Richa is very good. Technical side also is in a brilliant manner. The cameraman Balaji’s work is excellent. Balaji gives a visual treat for his audience. And also the music director is the pillar for this movie. The songs kathal en kathal , Pirai thedum ulagile , naan soonathum and Voda voda are superhits.
                                  Although the film is very good in the story and everything but commercially not hit. But it is not like other tamil films. Mayakkam enna is a visual treat for our youngsters.

Writer.. Ms.G.Jenny (B.A in Communication)


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