Saguni - the great expected movie –produced by studio green, directed by Shankar dayal, starring karthy, santhanam, pranitha and others.

Movie starts with the suicide of CM and the great introduction of Bhoopathy
 ( pragashraj )  thereby setting the tone of the film on a serious note. But immediately it moves to the flashback of kamal ( karthy). Karthy explains his story to Appathurai  Rajini  (santhanam). In flashback,  The country boy is in the city to meet concerned politicians in order to halt a railway subway project, which could take away his property in his home town. He lost his money to meet the minister and nothing seems as a good sign.
In town he met his aunt  ( roja)  and revealed his problem to him. She promised to help him and he stayed with her house.there love blossoms between his childhood sweethearts with her daughter Sridevi (Pranitha).  Roja got to know this love and separated him.
However karthy got a chance to meet pragashraj, he already knew pragashraj in his home. But  karthy got disappointed with pragashraj’s behavior and this causes Karthy to teach him a lesson and safeguard his property. Next, the Grumbling starts…
The introduction of Ramani (Rathika)  makes the film to move in a good manner. Rathika is a idly seller and a rowdy woman.  Karthy supported rathika  to the commissioner election and rathika got win and become as the commissioner. In this election Pragashraj’s girl friend got lost her win .  The remaining parts talk about how karthy saved his property? And what is he doing for the people?
Santhan has done a great job in this movie. Punch, timing and everything was excellent as usual. 
Karthy has done a good job. He acted well in this political satire .
Pranitha, she has less meet to her audience. She has appeared only in belly dance and just a girlfriend of hero. According the unwritten law of Tamil cinema, if there is a movie there should be a heroine.      This movie also followed the same thing in heroine’s characterization.
First half of this movie moves like a snail. A small one line story longs about 60 minutes.  It makes the audience bored. There are many illogical points. Director Shankar Dayal has miserably failed in his first attempt to make an impact. He fails to make the serious impression to the audience.  Second half is bit better than the first half, but audience can feel relax and watch it because nothing is screened  in a serious manner.
People never miss to laugh in this movie. Full of entertainment  by santhanam. Kamal rajani combination was excellent and full of joy.
“vellai pambaram” song was nice and feel good. GV Pragash did a decent job in background score and songs. 

Saguni- one line story – masala- entertainment

by: Ms.P.Sowmiya


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