MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 18 MX Premium 11.0.5 | 354 MB

MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 18 MX Premium 11.0.5 | 354 MBThe ultimate video editor with all the extras! We are proud to present MAGIX Movie Edit Pro MX Premium version 18, the next generation of video editing: Faster, better and even more powerful – in each and every way. In addition to all of the benefits of the Plus version, the Premium version includes an extensive selection of exclusive bonus programs and cinematic special effects. Turn your PC into a fully-equipped video editor and create breathtaking movies from your video footage. 
Your benefits: - High-quality special effects, cinematic transitions & templates included - Full stereo3D support - Advanced dubbing: Dolby?®Digital 5.1 mixer, etc. - Full HD support: for HDV and AVCHD camcorders - 99 tracks, MultiCam editing, travel route animation, etc. - Present your videos on TV, on the go or online... 
Performance - On average up to 3 times faster AVCHD export compared to previous version thanks to NVIDIA® CUDA and AMD® OpenCL support - Noticeably accelerated program start - Accelerated project loading - Accelerated loading of recording dialogs - Accelerated closing of program settings after making changes as well as accelerated export start in large projects - Shorter reaction time of the timeline play marker when "Image size and position" effects section is open - Faster image generation in Media Pool for large media directories - More precise miniature display in timeline objects - Optimized background processing, enabling faster program reaction such as marker movement, rewinding and editing operations on AVCHD clips. - Optimized image stabilization for multicore PCs - up to 10 times faster on Intel® Core i7 systems compared to the previous version - Multicore optimization for image sharpness and feathering effects - Use of expanded memory on 64-bit systems for GOP and bitmap caching - Calculation of dynamic object effects on GPU with activated anti-flicker effect - Video effect rendering on GPU (incl. special read back for NVIDIA® systems) - Calculation of standard transition on GPU - Navigation with keyboard and external controllers such as Contour shuttle is more fluid - Preview rendering with automatic recognition of critical areas (only in MAGIX Movie Edit Pro MX Plus/Premium) 
Stereo3D (only in MAGIX Movie Edit pro MX Plus / Premium) - File import from new 3D camcorder models Sony TD-10 and JVC TD-1 - Configurable output for line-by-line interpolation - New output modes "over/under" in order to take advantage of full resolution of devices with line-by-line interpolation - Export for lens array images (lenticular, or "wiggle" images) - Perspective correction in stereo 3D alignment 
New functions - Professional movie templates for quick trailers (only in MAGIX Movie Edit Pro MX Plus/Premium) - MX functionality for faster media and project exchange - Dynamic speed sequences within one video clip with synchronized pitch sequences - Intermediate image calculation for noticeably smoother slow motion playback - Miniature display in Media Pool with zoom - New categories for crossfades with improved display and preview - Direct effect editing in the timeline for multiple object selection - Redesigned export assistant with simplified operation and new export options - Redesigned burn selection with simplified operation - Simple interface layout adjustments with a new cursor and a large, sensitive area for manipulation - Direct display of project contents in the Media Pool - Program presets for FullHD video - New presets for movie settings and export of 24p material - New, multicore-optimized blur effect - Individually adjustable track width - Metadata display from AVCHD recordings and EXIF information from photos in object properties - Various minor improvements in the program interface, content display, etc. - Improvements in the travel route module (only in MAGIX Movie Edit Pro MX Plus/Premium): - Redesigned interface for easier use - Minute handling improvements, including.waypoints and points of interest - New animated vehicles and objects - Program presets for FullHD video - Additional information during export with smart rendering for an exact compatibility analysis - Optimization of AVCHD imports: - Performance optimizations - Optical media will display only if it's an AVCHD disc - Find folder is a preset if no AVCHD camcorder is found - Scanning can be interrupted by pressing ESC - Thumbnails from AVCHD special folder are opened as large icons only during viewing - Optimized color display for improved recognition of individual recording sessions in large directories 


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