Are you going to make a short film?? Some useful tips…..

Are you going to make a short film?? Some useful tips…..

Now a day’s Short film making is become very popular. Everyone can make short film as their hobby but all you need to make a short film are time, preparation and some money. If you are ready to make a short film then tries these steps to get a good production.

1.If you are going to make a film, you need to be creative

2.Don’t trust what you see in the view finder sometimes the output will be different in monitor.
Because everyone can record the image but all that is not making sense.

3.Look for people who have equipment and get help from them
4.Learn your camera and following things
Focus ring
White balance

5.Decide your production,  narrative or documentary
Get the idea from books, newspapers, films and from the internet

6.After getting the idea out line it

7.write your own script

8.when you are going to write your script consider these things
Develop your character
Develop the plot
Inciting incident

9.draw your story board

10.Decide your shot, for example wide shot, over the shoulder, tracking shot, and close up, extreme close up, medium wide shot. Crane shot, dolly shot, etc.

11.Decide your each scene, setting, actors, crew, equipment, make up, costume etc.
Decide your expenditure and write your budget

12.Select your own crew
For example Camera man, director of photography, sound recorder, costume and make up people, lighting people,

13.Provide all the facilities to your crew
e.g.:- Food, money etc

14.Complete your full photography

15.Edit your film but you don’t need expensive program at all.

16.Show the film to your family, friends and if you have the YouTube account you can post it.

Writer.. Ms.G.Jenny (B.A in Communication)


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