What are the Challenges if we involve facing in the effort for Jaffna cinema production?

We may tell tat resources are at least now. Encouragement for Jaffna cinema production is also very poor. Here is media support and encouragement for music is rich but cinema field hasn’t support completely. That is reality one. Many quality Tamil short films are come from Eelam (Srilanka) but any efforts haven’t placed for whole lengthy cinema.

I denote about resource in it production is important. We have to invest now a huge amount of investment than the oldest times. But, any body hasn’t come to invest that amount. Even if someone like to do it from abroad. They have a very big hesitation because any efforts haven’t to do up to this and can Eelam (Srilanka) people give equal one production like Indian Cinemas?

Next, Technical resources have to obtain whole from out stations. For example if we want to get one 35mm camera we have to go to Colombo. We haven’t to need to say all others. By these facts first production of the cost is very expensive. Handling skills of technical instruments are very poor in comparative way.

Media supports and encouragement are richer than other places to music field in Srilanka. Media hasn’t given any support to cinema at present. We can’t be found any information about “ Panai Marak Kadukal” in any medias. A lot of artists have diffused here and there. Correct and proper responsibilities are in the hands of media by accumulating them.

Some fundamental problems are at the beginning stage than them. Several skillful artists are here but anybody doesn’t like to come in the circle of cinema. If we identify and gather them after practice certainly we can get good yield. Now Srilankan fans are increased on the Indian Cinema than those days. So, will they give support suddenly to Srilankan (Eelaththu) cinema  because of over love of Indian cinemas. That is one question if we want to obtain their support on  Srilankan (Eelaththu) cinema by attractive way of concerning power with great expectation. These responsibilities are in hands of Sri Lankan Tamil Television Channels. A lot of quality short films have released from Srilanka (Eelaththu) but they have included in a brief time circles. We can build up basic for cinema by express toward people.

supports of Eelaththu cinema, Televisions, radios have functioned with utmost interest. Our cinema is going down but we have to bring up them.
We’ll start again by giving the fullest support to “ Panai Marak Kadukal” comes soon.

Note: Srilankan (Eelaththu) histories haven’t documented in the proper way. We can’t get a lot of information by it. If we have done any mistakes or missing data please convey or let us know about  history of cinema with your feedbacks it.


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