Tamil jaffna Short Film " Under Pressure "

A short film which reveals one day life of a middle class family of war torn Jaffna. The story deals with conflict between a father and son, conventional education system and children's inventive mentality, war and life. It was made under the 'Reel Peace' Project of ScriptNet UK in 2003 in Jaffna following the Script Writing, Direction and Production training given by
ScriptNet UK with the support of Jaffna University. The project was funded by the British Council, Unesco, Commonwealth Media       Development Fund and HIVOS.
This is the very first film for the Writer/Director, all the Artists and the whole Production team. The film won Best Short Film award in Bonjour Film Festival, 2007 in French Film Festival.

Writer and Director: Gnanadas kasinathar
Camera: Dias
Editing: S.T.Sivanesan (DAE)
Music Murali
Executive Producer: Gnanadas Kaisnathar
Producer: Gnanasekaran
Production Manager: Jeyathasan Sylajan
Cast: Siva, Murali, Jeyaranjinee Gnanadas, Bamini


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