Sivanesan in Maya…Maya… All is Maya (Part 2)

“Autodesk Maya” is called as “Maya”. The inventor of this software is Alias System Corporation. After them, the Autodesk INC bought and developed it as good as today. For the first time the software was introduced in February 1998.
           Both the 3D animation and the visual effects are very essential programmes in Maya. Shortly, we can define it as a 3D animation and 3D modeling application.
             Autodesk Company has created an Autodesk creation suite by linking their whole software   together. That is called “Autodesk Maya Entertainment Creation suite premium-2012”. It was created as an all in one animation pipeline. It has two flavors. They are Maya and 3D max. The Maya entertainment   creation suite consissts all the facilities and introduces itself as a 3D production pipeline. It can be noticeable that it is developed year by year by using new technology.

         As we seen, the Maya software takes part to develop most of the technological based sectors. Such as,
1.      It assists to explain the organs of the human body for the medical industry.
2.      The video games are created for the children as well as elders.
3.      It creates models to explain the chemical compounds for the science sectors.
4.      It helps the architectural sector to draw the models.
5.      It moderates the vehicles’ designing too.
Beyond that, it plays major role in world cinema industry which is in the leading place of media marketing. For the last several centuries, the traditional arts played their roles in the rural areas. But today it reaches each and every person as cinema and others. Autodesk Maya takes place to change everything as new.
           The software assists to elaborate the film industry by providing high quality production via using this technology.
The cinema industry plays major role in the world economy as other sectors do. The industry has been providing the job opportunities to who are willing to work in the industry. As mentioned above, the Maya is one of the main fact which lifts up the cinema industry.
              The cinema which reaches the public easier is an infotainment media. The Maya used to design what the filmmakers expect to portray. It is used by the movies of all languages.  


(Will continue) 


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