Jaffna Tamil Short Film Seruppu...

 Jaffna Tamil Short Film Seruppu ... Picsss...

A poor girl collects money in her till which is a coconut shell to buy slipper to protect her feet from the stones, pebbles and thorns but, not aware of the danger of the land mines of her territory.

It was made under the 'Reel Peace' Project of ScriptNet UK in 2003 in Jaffna following the Script Writing, Direction and Production training given by ScriptNet UK with the support of Jaffna University. The project was funded by the British Council, Unesco, Commonwealth Media Development Fund and HIVOS. This is the very first film for the Writer/Director, all the Artists and the whole Production team.

Writer Director: Kowthaman Karunanithy
Camera: Dias
Editing: S.T.Sivanesan (DAE)
Music: Murali
Production Manager: P.T.Kannan Oyalood
Producer: Vino
Executive Producer: Gnanadas Kasinathar


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