Maya…Maya… All is Maya

 Maya…Maya… All is Maya 
The “Avathar” movie takes us to last few centuries back and also it takes us to a fantasy world that we have never seen before. The world shows us a lifestyle of different living things within 2 ½ hrs. Because of its fantasy it attracts the world spectators than other movies do.
              The technology plays a major role than the human resource. It was possible with only “Maya” technology.
            No doubt that The “Maya” technology will be used with any field in future. There are some possibilities to make Tamil movies only with the help of Maya. For instance, Rajini’s Kochchadayan is going to be done with Maya.
          Though the multimedia technology takes part in most of the industries. Especially in advertisements, arts, education, entertainment, business and science research it plays major role in movie making.  It develops the special effects as well as animation. We can see the Maya’s role most probably with title creation works, Logo creation works, advertisements and movies via TV.
       Maya is known more recently in Jaffna and still we have not given effort to get knowledge in it.  But today youths are aware of this issue and they have begun to learn it. in Jaffna, education on 3D and special effects broadly spread among youths.  It leads them to get professional knowledge and experience. It has changed the fixed ideology of Jaffna people that professional opportunities can’t be given by theoretical studies much more than practical studies. So, we will see the functions and its usage of Maya as soon.

Will continue…                                                                                      Translated by - Illakkiya.                            


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