Mahabalipura journey through a real feel

Mahabalipura  (mamallapuram)
A journey through a real feel

     Writer by c.jerrold(film producer and director .india),
     Voice over jesintha,
     Sound   suresh,
     Camera, editing & direction  Sudarvili rajkumar

        When I had visited in mahabalipuram, I felt I was in 7th century A.D, I have seen the
pal lava history through temples and monuments.
Mahabalipuram were designed by the pal lava rules. They developed the architecture & sculpture though their art works.

                     This place has several beautiful buildings with sculpture & monuments .it is a temple of art. The greatness of the place will be realized only by those who go there in person enjoy its splendor.
   it is an example of the Dravidian architecture & proved Dravidian architecture skills & a unique feature of  the Tamil culture.  “UNESCO announced mahabalipuram as a world cultural & Natural heritage”
                      Mahabalipuram temples have four types of sculptures. There are cave temples, carved monoliths sculptures , carved monoliths, sculptured scenes & masonry temples.
            You may have visited mahabalipuram, you would have seen some of the monuments, sculptures, and caves.  whenever you visit there, you will enjoy the conversational style in which the factual details about mahabalipuram.
       The journey through mahabalipuram starts generally from the monument, Arjuna’s penance. This penance contain very beautiful art works and a real master piece in stone. Most of the group sculptures have a story. it includes people & animals .for example Krishna mandapam. Scene has been described very realistically in stone in this Krishna mandapam.   The next cave is the varaha  mandapam. in this cave temple has lion pillars.
                   Mahabalipuram remained the seaport of the pal lava kings. Sculptures are great art works. these sculptors are artists who were able to visualize beautiful images from  the rocks.
When we visit to mahabalipuram we feel both eyes aren’t enough to see. so make a trip today to this fabulous place and enjoy it.


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