How is it possible Eelaththu(Srilankan) Tamil Feature film

Cinema is a superb artistic production, It begins by grow in the rotation of time with instillation of commerce or business. This is wonderful production and it includes all other arts in itself with a lot of fans in the world.

Now Tamil cinema is produced in the places of south India and Malaysia. Once upon a time some Tamil cinemas are come out but it has gone backward until to say there is no Tamil cinema in Srilanka. We may mean it hasn’t come out of the starting point.

Eelaththu (Srilankan) cinema has to need to rebuild up again in this same time there is lack of possibilities to do it.

I hope that it will be suitable to you, if I tell briefly before to go to the subject.
We can’t find about beginning of the Tamil cinema according to our searched and collected data “Kusumalatha” is the first Tamil Srilankan (Eelaththu) cinema. It was released in 1952. Any how this was produced by a sinhala Language Director with that it is not Tamil film really. It was dubbed from Sinhala film “ Shankavunu Pilithura”.

27 or 29 films had released up to 1982. After that period we can’t obtain proper details about Tamil film.

During that time Tamil films were changed from Sinhala films. These kinds of films had decorated Eelaththu cinema field. After that period war clouds were rounded by it. Cinema had stopped completely step by step.


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