Eelaththu Tamil Film "Kuththuvilakku"(1972)

Eelaththu(Srilankan) Tamil “Kuththuvilakku” film was released in 1972. Most of the outdoor shooting was filmed in Jaffna, Vadamarachchi specially at Point petro.

Famous Architectonic Expert Mr.V.S. Thurairajah produced this film. Two famous dancing Artists acted in importantc characters. Ananthan, Leela, Narayanan with Jeyakanth, Perampalam, M.S. Ratnam, S.Ramthas and sinhala actress Shanthyleka also acted with them. 
W.S Mahenthiran serviced as both Telecaster and Director. Poet Eelaththu (Srilankan) Ratnam wrote film story concepts, sentences and took down all songs. R.Muththusamy was Music Director and he involved in music. Sankeetha Poosanam M.A Kulaseela nathan , Meena Mahathevan and R.Muththusamy sang that songs.

          Brief Story / Story final details are given below.
This story is related with one poor farmer’s family Poor farmer is Veluppillai (Perampalam) and his wife Ludsumy( Santhyleka) has 3 children. Elder son Somu (Jeyakanth) took family burden supportive to his father. His loving younger sister Mallika (Leela Narayanan) Janaki (Baby Pathma) are included in that  family. Their life of the family moves with sadness. In the next house richman Kumarasamy ( Thirunavukarasu) , his wife Nagamma (Indrathevi) means mainly only money is all. They have 2 children. Son Selvarajah (Ananthan) symbol of culture Daughter Jeya. Mallika and Selvarajah loves each ones. But Selvarajah’s mother prohabits their relationship of love. Somu does corporative farm Agriculture brings money to him. Really he is a university student and he stopped  or left in mid  way to looks for or earn dowry to younger sister. But When Selvarajah’s parents take necessary arrangements to Selvarajah to marry another woman at the moment  Somu’s sister Mallika sucides.

·         Srilankan (Eazhathu) poet Ratnam wrote songs         to Kuththu vilakku film. He achieved popularity in “Ellorum Ennaddu Mannar” film and he named the famous song. “Onrakave Vizha Kondaduvom”.


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