Dummy Billa in jaffna

The first teaser of Dummy Billa Movie which is an  hour movie and to be released from Jaffna was launched on the day before yesterday by Young Guys Entertainment (Reg No :  W / A / 97343 ) which is a new production company in Sri Lanka. Mr.P.Harikaran directed and also acted in a main role. Although he has released some short movies before it seems that he worked as an experienced guy.

About Dummy Billa
There is no connection between Billa acted by Ultimate Star AjithKumar and Dummy Billa. It's a different type of full comic movie. Fighting scene, songs and all aspects have been included in Dummy billa and it uses Sri Lankan  Tamil. All the shooting process have been ended and Editing is going on. It is expected to release on mid of next month.
Newcomers like Dummy Billa is a good subject and needs too. We except Young Guys Entertainment to produce more valuable local cine products and bring out our talents with culture to World Level.

video link - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RA9eP8_YRQI

Production : Young Guys Entertainment
Story, Screen play, Direction : Hari
Cinematography : jey
Music : Senthu
Editiing : Mathuran & Kumaran
Co-Directors - Shiva, Mathu & Ari


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